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Birthday and Christmas Celebration at the orphanage

Birthday and Christmas Celebration at the orphanage. The owner of Hands on Customized Souvenir Shop share her blessings to the children ages 7-18 at the orphanage. Part of her net income will be donated to them. Every year of her birthdays, she is giving back some of her blessings at the charity for 5 consecutive years now. The coordinator requesting black shoes, school supplies, toiletries, biscuits and other needs of the children. This will help fill the needs of the children. Playing parlor games is one of their activity, including singing and dancing. The children look very happy receiving gifts, dancing and playing at the pictures below. Giving back to the needy will feel your heart full of happiness. Somehow you will feel contented with your life. Seeing their smile will melt your heart.

Pictures below are the memories she has with the children at the orphanage ages 7-18. The children also celebrating Christmas at her house every year. They are singing Carole song.

orphanage charity1


Let us share our blessings with others. By doing this we are not just making the persons happy but also we are making ourselves helpful and responsible. Let spread the love and continue embracing those in need of love.