Apron for mommy white


White apron

Materials: white canvas

Bulk order: P150.00 each with 12 pieces minimum order


Apron for mommy white is available in white canvas. Choose from any of our assorted print design. Give us a message for different prints and better yet send us your humorous expressions, favorite print or your company logos. This is ideal for culinary school as uniform, a group of friends or to yourself. This is an inexpensive giftable item to your family, friends, and colleagues. Soon we will be adding stylish and fashionable aprons. Buying in bulk can save you money that can be used for other needs. The price per piece is P150.00 for a minimum of 12 pieces bulk order.

Traditionally aprons used for cooking and washing dishes done by women. Nowadays aprons considered equally appropriate for both men and women. This will protect your clothing from sauces, oils, and spices. It will protect you from stains and harm. Aprons cover mainly the front of the body. It is usually held in place by two ribbon-like strips of cloth that are tied at the back. The bib apron has a strap around the neck.

Do you want to surprise your children? Therefore, buy them with our kid size aprons. And also we have colored aprons available. For the sample of aprons kindly visit this link.


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