Insulated lunch bag unicorn


Insulated lunch bag unicorn

Material: heavy oxford with an insulation

Customizable print names



Insulated lunch bag unicorn

Insulated lunch bag unicorn is made of a heavy oxford with insulation materials. It has the ability to keep the food warmer or the drinks cooler. People sometimes call it the cooler bag.

A unicorn print design is perfect for your girls from preschool up to grade 3 students. Match the bag with healthy snacks and lunch that will make the girls excited about going to school. The girls can bring this bag with her own foods and drinks while on vacation. Children can match it with personalized names. Plenty of girly designs are also available to choose from. Just visit the “Bags” category for other product design or simply click the link below.

We also have available designs for boys. You can coordinate with us your own designs and names. Click this link to see some of our samples available.


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