Neck pillow travel blue


Neck pillow for travel

Print: customizable or you may choose our prints

Sunglasses are not included

Color at the back: your choice of any color


Neck pillow travel blue

Neck pillow travel blue is made of high fiberfill that uses smooth and fine white fabric. You can customize the prints. Choice of all white fabric or with colored fabric at the back. The client can choose any fabric colors of your choice. Another size available is for children. Just click the link below to see some of our samples.

It is specially designed to supports your neck and head in natural position. In voyaging, dozing or even in resting are the uses of the pillows.  It is not just for the travel but users can even use it at home or in their work as well. Sleeping on your back or your side is the perfect use of neck pillows. Therefore, sleeping on your stomach is a bad idea because your head and neck can’t be in a natural position.

Here are some advantages or benefits of a neck pillow. It reduces neck pain and jaw pain. It also helps the body alignment and breathing. The clients received convenience with the mentioned uses.

See some of the related samples kindly check this link. For customizable prints, please email us.


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