Wooden paddle brush pink name


Made of wood

Vinyl sticker print


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Wooden paddle brush pink name is made of wood with vinyl sticker names. It isĀ ideal for young ladies and ladies with long thick straight hair. And even older adult can also have one for their long hair. Rectangular paddle brush usually large, flat and wide in width.

Using a paddle brush with extended bristles is used to detangle and dry the hair quickly. The paddle brush is great for massaging the scalp and smoothing naturally straight hair using bristles coming out of a soft cushion. It is safe to use on the scalp because the pinball-like bristles are made of plastic. Paddle brushes are good for long hair and straight styled bobs, and also best to use before flat ironing. If your hair is long and curly, you can also use the paddle brush to straighten your hair.

To keep your brush in good condition, give it a thorough clean at least once a month. Take out all hair, clean it using cloth with soap and rinse.

Various sizes for children are also available in our shop, just browse our product list here. We offer also an oval shape of the brush and a bit smaller compare to the paddle brush.


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