Here are some of the testimonials from our customers.

From: Ms. Yvette Nuestro

Bacoor, Cavite

Client for 3 years

“The products of Hands on Customized Souvenir Shop are very useful and it follows the trend of the customers. The products are also suited to different customers like teens or adults. My experiences in communicating with the seller are very comfortable and smooth. she is very friendly and easy to talk to. Since we started buying from them we became friends with the owner. We are very satisfied with the service of this store because if we request or ask to personalize some items, they do it on time and do what is told. The prices of the items are very affordable especially most of her customers are teens.”

Fr. Dr. Carlo Toledano

Of Chef Robert’s Restaurant

Quezon City

“Products of Hands on is awesome!!! Very cute and well made. It’s very hard to give one as a gift because you’d want to keep one for yourself. Customer service is amazing!!! I had an order once with a very tight budget. Hands on worked with me every detail for everything to work out the great and the way we liked it. They were not kidding when they said they’re hands on. I am very satisfied and have been a customer for years! Fair price, very good quality of products and an amazing customer support team makes hands on an amazing company. The price is fair and reasonable. They don’t cut corners to save a buck. Every product has a price point and Hands on Customized Souvenir Shop will give you everything that you need.”

From: Ma’am Marjo Pasion

Department of Agriculture

Client for 1 year

What can you say about our products?

  • It says so much of you, what I want from the designs is very much followed.

What are your experiences communicating with us?

  • Always prompt in answering queries and very accommodating.

Are you satisfied with the service we provide? Why?

  • Yes of course. Client relation is somewhat on the personal aspect.

How about the price, is it fair?

  • Very fair and affordable.